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New Feature — Analyzing Decisions

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One of the main benefits of having a decision journal is to improve your decision making ability. In order to do that, however, you need to be able to identify patterns of errors or mistakes in your decision making. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of a new set of features for helping you analyze your decision making.

The main new feature is an entirely new screen in the app called Analyze. In this screen, you can find your overall score across all your decisions. This score is an average score for every decision that you have reviewed.

In addition to your overall score, we’ve also added a section for your top tags. This gives you a quick glance at the decisions your performing best in to help you recognize what categories of decisions you are excelling in. These scores are the average scores for all your decisions that have been reviewed and tagged. You can find a full list of scores for all your tags too from this page.

Another exciting addition on this new screen is the graph of your scores over time. This is meant to give you an idea of trends for your decision making.

In addition to the main Analyze screen, we’ve also added a few other updates to help you analyze your decision making. The first is that you can get more details into any tag with scores, just by tapping on that tag’s score row. This will show you a more detailed view with the tag’s overall score, as well as a graph of scores for that tag over time, similar to the main Analyze screen.

The other update that we made was in adding overall scores and graphs of scores over time to each decision’s view. These will show up right above the decision’s reviews (once you’ve added at least one review).

One final note on scoring, don’t think of these scores as a grade on a test. Instead, view them more as temperature readings for your decision making at any point in time. Remember that this score is self-graded. So be aware of inflating your review scores just to make your scores higher. You do yourself no favors by not being honest with yourself. The way you become a better decision maker is by being honest in your reviews, including your scores. This will help you get the most out of these new features and the app in general. Finally, don’t compare your scores to others since they are on different scales. A score of 5 for one person might be a very good score, whereas for someone else, it may be a low score.

We hope that these updates help you understand patterns of errors or mistakes in your decision making and help you become a better decision maker.

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